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We have a new automated support channel.

We have a new assistant that will help you solve your MOBILVENDOR SUPPORT cases!

Thinking of you and the quick and effective response to your SUPPORT cases, we have implemented a new communication channel: MIVBOT SUPPORT so that you can be attended 24/7.


MIVBOT SUPPORT is designed to solve certain requirements in order to speed up the resolution of your support cases.

Our ChatBOT manages the ticket automatically, while our support team will solve the cases that CANNOT be solved by this means.

This channel solves cases related to the MOBILE APP

If you require a case of the WEB platform to be solved, please enter OPTION 7 directly.

The support channel WILL NOT RECEIVE CALLS by WhatsApp, only text messages (NO AUDIOS, NO IMAGES, NO VIDEO).

Write directly to the assigned numbers and SAVE them as one more contact in your WhatsApp contact list.

DON’T FORGET to tell your sales force about this new support channel.

DO NOT MISTRUST! We implement this solution thinking about how valuable your time is and we are sure it works.

Try our ChatBOT for immediate support at:

Support 1: (593) 98 248 1803 | Support 2: (593) 99 854 1200

Support 3: (593) 98 030 7691 | Support 4: (593) 96 703 0053

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