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Trends in Retail 2021.

this issue very into account to sell, promote and align your business.

It is an effect that today buyers demand experiences, not just products or services. With the onset of the pandemic, e-commerce purchases increased and retail has become increasingly digital and powered by the internet. Physical stores chose to open their online channel and those that already had it, have incorporated elements to improve the online experience of consumers. Undoubtedly, retailers that include personalization, will be able to quickly retain their buyers.

A survey by McKinsey details that retailers appear to face four main tactical challenges in getting personalization off the ground:

  • Data management: 67% indicate that their biggest personalization challenge is collecting, integrating and synthesizing customer data.
  • Data analytics: Gaining and maintaining in-house expertise in data science and analytics is a top concern for 48% of surveyed retailers.
  • Business area alignment: For many retailers, some organizational models prevent the efficient and rapid exchange of customer data and promotional decisions. For example, they mentioned the difficulty in aligning marketing and merchandising teams. This makes it difficult to perform test experiments that require customization.
  • Enablement of tools and technology: Of the survey participants, 67% admit that they did not have the right tools to execute personalization on a large scale and 41% say that finding a suitable technology partner was extremely challenging.

That is why this 2021 Mobilvendor offers you more and better services, innovators that will help you provide your customers with automated experiences, real-time data and with business intelligence for effective and much faster decision making.

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The increase in ONLINE demand in times of crisis.

In recent weeks, consumers have increased the pace and volume of demand for products and services. However, companies, manufacturers and distributors were mostly not prepared to face such a sudden peak and maintain supply through ONLINE channels.

Social isolation measures have turned E-commerce into a fundamental medium for customers and businesses. It is clear that many of these businesses that had these digital tools have had a significant competitive advantage.

Digital transformation is an irreversible change with an inevitable urgency. That is why, as a Mobilvendor company, it offers its clients our E-COMMERCE WEBSITES services from self-administered templates that, together with MOBILE APPLICATIONS, will complement each other very well to boost your business in this digital age. In addition, we have the LITE E-commerce service that will allow your customers to place orders from their cell phone in simple steps.

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