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Trends in Retail 2021.

this issue very into account to sell, promote and align your business.

It is an effect that today buyers demand experiences, not just products or services. With the onset of the pandemic, e-commerce purchases increased and retail has become increasingly digital and powered by the internet. Physical stores chose to open their online channel and those that already had it, have incorporated elements to improve the online experience of consumers. Undoubtedly, retailers that include personalization, will be able to quickly retain their buyers.

A survey by McKinsey details that retailers appear to face four main tactical challenges in getting personalization off the ground:

  • Data management: 67% indicate that their biggest personalization challenge is collecting, integrating and synthesizing customer data.
  • Data analytics: Gaining and maintaining in-house expertise in data science and analytics is a top concern for 48% of surveyed retailers.
  • Business area alignment: For many retailers, some organizational models prevent the efficient and rapid exchange of customer data and promotional decisions. For example, they mentioned the difficulty in aligning marketing and merchandising teams. This makes it difficult to perform test experiments that require customization.
  • Enablement of tools and technology: Of the survey participants, 67% admit that they did not have the right tools to execute personalization on a large scale and 41% say that finding a suitable technology partner was extremely challenging.

That is why this 2021 Mobilvendor offers you more and better services, innovators that will help you provide your customers with automated experiences, real-time data and with business intelligence for effective and much faster decision making.

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Ecommerce strategies to increase sales.

Get to know TIPS to maximize your ecommerce.

Customer loyalty

When we believe that a customer comes to our virtual store, he will never leave, it is the biggest mistake. It is very likely that you have neglected the attention of your most loyal clientele. The secret? Listen to it.

On average, a former customer spends more in an online store, adds more products to their shopping cart and offers a higher sales conversion for each visit to your online store. Develop marketing actions that refresh the memory of these loyal consumers and make them feel cared for, such as mailings – WhatsApp MKT of recommended products from previous purchases or searches made in their history, information about products out of stock or to be launched soon, coupons and birthday greetings, among others.

Create a cross-selling and upselling strategy

  • Cross-selling involves recommending complementary products and accessories:
  • The upsell means that you offer the customer the possibility of opting for a higher category product or for a more complete service.

Improve the quality of content

  • Take care of the images; e-commerce enters through the eyes first. Include useful images of all kinds in your product sheets.
  • Create clear and prominent feature and feature descriptions and bullet points.
  • Study SEO and continually test new keywords and combinations.
  • Make your testimonials credible and accompanied by photographs.
  • Video is the future: it makes the stay on an online store page grow by up to 88%.
  • Offers a more fluid and agile user shopping experience

With better information, more payment methods (PayPal, Apple Pay, various credit and debit cards …), and various returns and shipping modes.

Remember that this strategy must be applied to all your online sales channels, and especially to the mobile experience or Web Commerce, since up to 67% of buyers prefer to buy from a smartphone because it is more convenient and faster.

  • Social networks to increase online sales

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit are the social networks with the highest sales conversion for e-commerce businesses, depending on your niche and type of audience.

At Mobilvendor we have all the necessary channels for your ecommerce strategy to work. Contact us and we will advise you for free.


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A panoramic view of the Retail sector.

Impact and future changes.

The impact of COVID 19 after the crisis on the economy and in the Retail sector is uncertain. Consumer habits have changed and this is beyond doubt.

Many of us have had to try new things such as e-commerce and electronic transfers, virtual communication, remote work, buying and testing new products and brands, new habits at home and socially, new health and hygiene habits, etc.

What is certain is that practices, habits and behaviors were accelerated or advanced and that they are here to stay. Those who ignore them may lose their competitive advantage.

The most important changes point to technological issues, among which e-commerce stands out as we have mentioned before. It will be necessary to strengthen the platforms and logistics capacity in e-commerce. Electronic transfers or virtual and flexible payment methods will be essential. Predictive models with artificial intelligence for the supply chain beyond the sales history and seasonality of the products.

Multivariate models that resolve the granularity of variables by store.

Self check-out: cashiers without cashiers. Automated e-commerce and home distribution platforms, among other advances that we can undoubtedly offer you at Mobilvendor.

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Helping Small Businesses During the Coronavirus.

Covid 19 has also become an obstacle to the world economy, so supporting small businesses from now on is imperative.

Buy fresh products

Your pantry is now full of canned, vacuum or long-term perishables. However, if you want your diet to make sense, you should also eat fresh food. How about going to the butcher shop on the corner? Or the small greengrocer that runs that nice couple?

Buy in small stores

We’ve all seen shopping anxiety. Toilet paper, antibacterial soap, pasta… everything disappears from the supermarket shelves so quickly that employees can’t keep up. In most cases, this has happened in large supermarket chains, while small local businesses have not suffered this flood of people. Why don’t you go buy your products at the local grocery store? Do business with small businesses!

Let’s create a support chain, #Mobilvendor supports small and large entrepreneurs by generating new and better tools to stay in times of crisis.

Acquire products from your neighborhood stores; Get directly to your consumers’ homes by implementing new technologies and thus avoid crowds in business premises. #MobilvendorDesdeCasa takes care of you and your company.

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New strategies and trends in times of coronavirus.

Every crisis creates new opportunities and the Coronavirus pandemic is moving us on all fronts, including in the way how many companies communicate with their target audience and sell their products.

The hours that companies previously used to generate sales efforts in the field are now dedicated to seeking digital strategies where their consumers keep abreast of social networks, web portals of all kinds, YouTube, Netflix, video games or remote communication platforms , and mass communication for the purchase of food and provisions via applications or Chatbots.

As is evident, this tendency to avoid personal contact is becoming a digital accelerator, and it is necessary to have tools that help from now on to reach customers in simple and effective ways.

The companies that dare to look for new formulas to face this context will have gained an important advantage over those that only resign themselves to hide and wait for the storm to pass.

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Welcome: learn, know and be updated.

Mobilvendor, in order to integrate more and better services for our potential and current clients, has created a space destined to increase your knowledge on topics of global relevance in terms of technology and new updates to improve the management and control of your business.

We will frequently publish information of interest to you allowing you to learn more about the world and its progress.

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