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A panoramic view of the Retail sector.

Impact and future changes.

The impact of COVID 19 after the crisis on the economy and in the Retail sector is uncertain. Consumer habits have changed and this is beyond doubt.

Many of us have had to try new things such as e-commerce and electronic transfers, virtual communication, remote work, buying and testing new products and brands, new habits at home and socially, new health and hygiene habits, etc.

What is certain is that practices, habits and behaviors were accelerated or advanced and that they are here to stay. Those who ignore them may lose their competitive advantage.

The most important changes point to technological issues, among which e-commerce stands out as we have mentioned before. It will be necessary to strengthen the platforms and logistics capacity in e-commerce. Electronic transfers or virtual and flexible payment methods will be essential. Predictive models with artificial intelligence for the supply chain beyond the sales history and seasonality of the products.

Multivariate models that resolve the granularity of variables by store.

Self check-out: cashiers without cashiers. Automated e-commerce and home distribution platforms, among other advances that we can undoubtedly offer you at Mobilvendor.

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The increase in ONLINE demand in times of crisis.

In recent weeks, consumers have increased the pace and volume of demand for products and services. However, companies, manufacturers and distributors were mostly not prepared to face such a sudden peak and maintain supply through ONLINE channels.

Social isolation measures have turned E-commerce into a fundamental medium for customers and businesses. It is clear that many of these businesses that had these digital tools have had a significant competitive advantage.

Digital transformation is an irreversible change with an inevitable urgency. That is why, as a Mobilvendor company, it offers its clients our E-COMMERCE WEBSITES services from self-administered templates that, together with MOBILE APPLICATIONS, will complement each other very well to boost your business in this digital age. In addition, we have the LITE E-commerce service that will allow your customers to place orders from their cell phone in simple steps.

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Automation: a trend that is here to stay.

The market demands are increasingly higher, if one of the main objectives of your business is to increase productivity, you should know the importance of having a sales force automation tool in your company.

Currently, technology offers different instruments to improve the productivity of the workforce. The automation and control of the sales force is one of the main trends since it helps the team to follow up on potential customers, significantly improving customer service and streamlining internal processes.

The main advantages of sales force automation are:

  • Increased productivity: it is possible to do more work and dedicate efforts to processes that may have been neglected in your company.
  • It allows access to data in real time.
  • The seller has more supports to do his job.
  • Raise customer satisfaction.
  • It allows to speed up decision making.
  • It makes it possible to make offers tailored to each client.
  • Everything is recorded in the computer tools for further monitoring.
  • Save costs in time, personnel, travel, errors, etc.

By modernizing and innovating the sales force, potential process problems can be identified and steps taken to resolve them easily.

With MobilVendor, commercial teams can make quick decisions about their strategies and implement them in the shortest possible time and thus gain an advantage over their competitors; learn how our web and mobile platform works.

Learn more about our solution and modernize your workforce through technology that drives better results for your business.

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